for the love of music in dance...

Years ago...

...I decided that I was tired of sitting idle while hearing poorly edited music hit the stages of dance competitions and shows. The dance pieces I was seeing were spectacular but then the music would skip a beat, there'd be a big hole where there was clearly a swear before OR the worst culprit of all, in my opinion, there'd be no ending... the audience just sitting there unsure if they should clap or not. 

I then took "just music", the label I already had and niched it down to provide music editing services to choreographers. was born. Now, it is taking off and choreographers from around North America and abroad are realizing that it's something worth spending time and/or money on. Those creative people that had amazing choreography, costumes and props... now finally can have the music that sets the stage, match the quality of all those things.

If you are curious, head on over to the website. And hey, if you need a mix done for anything (Choreography, Wedding, Flash-Mob, Drag, Gym Routine, Video Project, Figure Skating) check out the contact page and let me know!

Be well!